Save Time This Summer!

{This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NAVTEQ. All opinions are 100% mine.}

I don't know about you but Summer was always a very busy time in my household! My brothers and I were out of school for summer and by about the 3rd week we drove my mother nuts!!

I'm sure many mothers can identify with this and I'm sure I one day will to! ;)
More time at home from school means more free time. And this means more time doing other activities such as soccer, parties and fun days at the park. But this also means more time in the car. 

With all your little munchkins in your car, Summer is the perfect time to check out your navigation system so that you can get from Point A to Point B with the shortest amount of time and that means more time at the park playing with your kiddos! 

So the thing to do is to make sure that your handheld GPS device and or in car navigation system is up to date! 

I know that during the summer I end up spending waay too much driving and not enough time in the Sun! 

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This website is so simply and easy to use! It works with cars that have a built in GPS and for your hand held ones you bought at Costco or other places.

I bought my GPS a long time ago and with constant road constructions and new roads being built a GPS update is a must! With this website it is quick and easy to update your device or car today! It takes only minutes to download and will end up saving you hours in the car! Download it today!

I am going to do it right now :)

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