Give the Gift of Time

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Men out there! Do you wear watches still? I know my husband did until a few years ago and after today I may have to go buy him another one today!

Wrist watches have always been a cherished family heirloom passed from father to son. And they are one of the only fashion accessories available to men these days! Sadly though due to cell phones people rarly wear waches any more.

My husband has always loved watches but hasn't found one he really loves for a long time. So I started searching and came across this beautiful (I mean handsome) wristwatch.
I love that this watch is classy and professional about also can be worn for everyday things. My husband loves brown and the leather pushes this over the edge. It is so nice and the inside of the watch is really neat looking. My husband doesn't like boring watched but also needs one to wear to his professional office job.

The Airboss Mach 3 Chrono is the perfect balance! Click HERE to check it out!

Victorinox Swiss Army offers a huge variety of different wrist watches! Go check them out today.

If you want to win a watch then head over to their facebook page for a chance to win one!
Victorinox Swiss Army will be giving away 30 watches over 30 days! You have 30 chances to win so check out the I Wear a Watch Sweepstakes HERE.

Facebook Page

Their main page

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Scars & Stilettos Book Review

I recently came across a great new book: Scars & Stilettos

The story is about one young women's journey from the striper pole to Christ and how she wants to help those trapped in the sex industry.

About the Book:
Fear of being abandoned keeps 19-year-old Harmony Dust trapped in an abusive relationship. Tens of thousands of dollars in debt and struggling to get by, someone tells her how much money she can make as an exotic dancer. For the next 3 years, Harmony lives a double life as Monique, a dancer in a strip club. 

"Scars and Stilettos" is Harmony's stark, honest, & ultimately hopeful story of how God found her in that dark, noisy place & led her back out. She has since completed an MA in Social Welfare & now leads Treasures, an organization helping women in the sex trade discover their true worth & value. 
What I love about this book is that it is told first hand from some one who was trapped in the sex industry and who escaped to help others. She has a deep desire to bring other young women out of that world and to know Christ. She has set up an amazing ministry called Treasures which is a non profit organization in Los Angeles to reach out to those in the sex industry. 
To read more about her book go HERE
To find out more about her ministry go HERE.  
Do you want to read a story about how God uses people to draw us to him? Do you want to hear how God can redeem and transform lives? Then you need to check out Scars and Stilettos today! 
Harmony Dust writes in a way to make everyone feel the pain that she went through and to see the struggle of working in the sex industry. 
God's redeeming power is so strong that he can and will redeem people from all walks of life. Harmony beautifully tells the story of God's redeeming love in her life that has led her back to feeling whole again. 

Go HERE to see the blog tour for this book. 

{Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review}

Re-Decorating? Need Paint?

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Just a few weeks ago my husband and I moved into our new (Bigger) place! And all that has been on my mind is of course decorating!

And when decorating one of the biggest concerns is the paint! The paint sets the stage for the entire room. It makes or breaks the mood and it makes or breaks the theme or atmosphere you are trying to portray.

Picking a paint color can be a laborious decision but with it becomes just that much easier and more fun.

Go HERE to see what I mean.  

Their website is so attractive and easy to use. The website makes the whole process feel like I'm in a store rather than sitting at my kitchen table. The paint seems so real and tangible and makes it easy to select the perfect paint online without ever having to leave the area you want to paint!

You have three easy ways to pick colors! 
The first is that you can view The Top Ten picks
The second is you can shop by color palette
And the third (my favorite) is match a mood!

Once you have selected a color you may like it quickly pops up and shows you color schemes that match. This website is perfect for those of us who are decisive and know what we want and also for those of us who have no idea what we want our room to look like.

It is easy to find the exact color you are looking for and also has tons of decorating ideas and is full of inspiring pictures and templates.

If you are a more hands on person then you can find the Glidden products at Home Depot. There you can see and take home paint samples to view in your own home. You can also find great decorating ideas and fun inspirations.

So you've found the perfect color on the website? But you still want to try it out on your own wall? GREAT! Head to Home Depot and pick up the inexpensive paint testers that include a paintbrush and actually allows you to test a small portion on your wall! What better of a way to figure if you really like it!

These testers are also a great option for once you've already painted and one of your little ones puts a scrape in the wall. Quick, Easy, and Cheap paint fixer ;)

Go HERE today to check out their room painter and paint a room today! Then head to Home Depot and pick up your very own paint!
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Like Giveaways?

Of course you do! Do you also like buying homemade! If you don't then you should ;)

I love love love Etsy and I was so excited to find this great website! It's a site that catalogs all the Etsy giveaways going on around the blogsphere. Everyday all day long it updates when a new giveaway it posted! I love this site and use it everyday! 

{This is not a paid post....I just love sharing money saving great sites!}

Save Time This Summer!

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I don't know about you but Summer was always a very busy time in my household! My brothers and I were out of school for summer and by about the 3rd week we drove my mother nuts!!

I'm sure many mothers can identify with this and I'm sure I one day will to! ;)
More time at home from school means more free time. And this means more time doing other activities such as soccer, parties and fun days at the park. But this also means more time in the car. 

With all your little munchkins in your car, Summer is the perfect time to check out your navigation system so that you can get from Point A to Point B with the shortest amount of time and that means more time at the park playing with your kiddos! 

So the thing to do is to make sure that your handheld GPS device and or in car navigation system is up to date! 

I know that during the summer I end up spending waay too much driving and not enough time in the Sun! 

Go here to find out how you can update your map TODAY!

This website is so simply and easy to use! It works with cars that have a built in GPS and for your hand held ones you bought at Costco or other places.

I bought my GPS a long time ago and with constant road constructions and new roads being built a GPS update is a must! With this website it is quick and easy to update your device or car today! It takes only minutes to download and will end up saving you hours in the car! Download it today!

I am going to do it right now :)

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Visa Gift Card Giveaway!

These are my favorite types of giveaways! The one's that are for cash or even better...Visa Gift cards! 

I love that with a Visa gift card I can pay for anything from Groceries to books on Amazon! 

This giveaway is for a $500 visa gift card...yup...$500!!!! :)

Go HERE to enter for a chance to win!!!!

{This is not a paid post...I just want to win the gift card ;)}

Great Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Wow Father's Day is sneaking up on me this year! It is only a few weeks away. 
Have you found the perfect give for Dad yet? Want to make this year the best Father's Day yet!? 

Then check out this great site with tons of ideas for Dad!
gifts for Dad

See a few of the great Father's Day items I found on

I love this family tree idea! It would make such a cute idea and would look so great in any home! I want it in my dining room! It has a spot at the base of the tree to be able to personalize it just for Dad!

This is another favorite I found if your Dad is a nerd like mine ;)

This also has a spot for personalization. This is a very elegant map for the home or office and one that any Dad would love to get! I know my Dad would love this! 
Go HERE to check out the Father's Day Items! 

And while it is Father's Day right around the corner you can always be looking for the special woman in your life...or for yourself ;) I couldn't help but notice all the great things for women on this site. 

I fell in love with so many beautiful items on this site! I need to forward this site to my Hubby right now!! ;)

Wow! Aren't those beautiful?!? They would make perfect gifts for any women in your life! So Stunning!!

Go here to see the jewelry for Mom (or yourself)

Go HERE to check out the gifts for Mom! 

As I was browing through the site what kept hitting me was the quality of the items they had! Item after item is stunning and would make a beautiful present for anyone! The Father's Day presents were great, manly, and not cheap looking at all! My Dad and Father-In-Law would love any one of those items. 

I was especially impressed with the gifts for Mom on their site. Their jewelry is stunning and of such a high quality! I saw necklace after necklace that I would be oh so happy to receive one mother's day or birthday. 

Go HERE to check out the site today! You won't be sorry but you may end up spending a lot of $$$ ;)
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Fun Summer Finds!

In light of summer quickly approaching I thought I would share some fun summer finds from Etsy! Enjoy!

This season I have been loving Headbands {But that's not new!!}, funky belts, nacklaces, and home decor {I'm moving}.

Check out what I've found and share with us what you are loving this year!
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{Polka Dot Flower Belt}
So Funky and Fun!

This would be oh so cute for all my summer dresses! :)

Doesn't yellow just scream summer?!?

So Fun and Flirty!

There is something soo sweet about this necklace!

This necklace would go great with a cute summer dress!


Oh so Summery!

Fun Wall Art:
I love these unique and creative wall stickys!! So original!

Christian Wall Art at a great price and unique! What could be better?

What are your favorite summer finds this year?!?

Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes!

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Hampton_logoI love doing contest and sweepstakes and I love passing them on to you!! So here is another great sweepstakes that everyone should go enter right now!!

The Grand Prize is an entire hotel for the weekend...yes you heard right. 100 rooms for two nights! Wow you could have one crazy family reunion! You ALSO win $5000 to help pay for tax for the whole weekend!

Click Here

And 100 first prize winners will win weekend stays for you and three friends! This prize is given out daily!! 

Entering the contest is easy and takes less than 5 minutes! And with new winners every day you better hurry over and enter today!! 

Anyone is eligible to enter this contest!! Can YOU image what you would do with 100 free rooms?!?

I know what I would do! I would put together and AMAZING conference and invite all my friends to come to it FOR FREE! How amazing would that be! What would YOU do with 100 rooms for two nights?! 

Go here to enter the sweepstakes:Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes

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New June Coupons on! just posted their new June coupons! I need to go grocery shopping so this is great news!

Head over HERE to check them out!

Make Money...with your iphone!!

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Do you have an iphone? How about making some money with it?

ChopsRight now I am WISHING I had an iphone! Check out this great new oppurtunity from the makers of Social Spark and Sponsard Tweets!

It's called WeReward for iPhone and it just launched! Go HERE to check out the website.

So what do you need to make money with this new site?
All you need is your iphone and the desire to make some extra money! Yes, It's that easy!!

So to get started go to the website located HERE. And on the right click on the button that says, "Download from the App Store" and then yas soon as your iPhone is equipped...your good to go!

How it Works:
1. Download the App from iTunes
Check out how they say it works. Because after all, who better to explain their own business then them!
" Each time you make a purchase, checkin, or complete a task and take a picture of the experience, you earn points!  Each point is worth a penny, and with over 15,000,000 businesses in WeReward, points can add up quickly!   When you accumulate 1,000 points ($10.00), you can cash out your points through PayPal!"

Go here to download the App now!
Download the App

Check out the video and it will explain it all much better!

I wish I had an iphone right now! Because I would download the App and try it out!
It's so easy and it's try it today! The only thing that could happen is that you end up making some money! Izea is a GREAT company and I am so excited to share this opportunity with all of you :)

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