Soft & Smooth Wool

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Okay think of Christmas morning. You open up a great looking present labeled from Santa. You are so excited you can't wait to open it up and see what's inside!

You rip the paper open and it's a...WOOL SWEATER?!? Yuck right? You immediately think..eew that's gotta be really itchy, heavy, hot...gross. is really nice looking...

So you reach out and touch it. To your surprise it's soft and wonderful feeling!! It's so smooth and soft you will want to pull it on.

Where do you find such soft smooth wool?

Wool from the Ramblers Farm is unlike any other wool. They are able to offer a textile from our grandparents day using the finest and most modern technology. They use a process called  "WINDspun" technology. Because of the ultra modern technique this old world wool comes out ultra light, soft, smooth, and modern feeling.

Wool is a great fabric that can be worn all year round but allows for great warmth. With The Ramblers Farm's new techniques and technology wool is becoming once again a necessity in every closet.

Wool from the Ramblers Farm is 100% American made and made with the best natural values.

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